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De Watermölle, Haaksbergen, Netherlands. 22-10-2021.


This is the story between two people who beat the distance, different cultures and believed in love. Talking about Luana and Frank is talking about courage. After all, it's not easy to bet all your chips on a relationship...


But you did it, and you won the biggest prize of all: you won each other's love, each other's complicity and each other's YES!

This YES was given in a beautiful ceremony on a typical Dutch day, with sun and rain, in a spot we were like in an old movie.


The beautiful Valentina Crespo and Júlia Broeze welcomed the guests with glasses of champagne while everyone awaited the bride. In a tent, flower petals on the ground, surrounded by friends and family, you two made this union so admired by all. After the ceremony, DJ Job Broeze squeezed the music mixing melting Brazilian and Dutch music.

It was a beautiful evening, very lively, and full of love, just like you LUANA & FRANK. 

By Maíra Crespo

Photos: Luciana Sposito

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